About Us

We are a Texas focused real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development, repositioning and management of properties. We continue to expand our footprint in the Houston area where our currently portfolio consists of almost 3,200 apartments; a number of mixed use, retail and office properties; and several urban infill land sites planned for mixed use development.

Our Core Principles.

We are:

As examples of our principles, we improve our properties with more efficient land use density, including greenspace and higher density parking. In the next year we plan to construct up to 900 fully automated parking spaces on two of our Houston properties. This will reduce the space used for parking and increase the ease of use and flexibility to accommodate peak-time traffic on these properties. Our retail tenants will be better served and their patrons will have an easier and more satisfying experience. This also will free up more space on the properties for more beneficial uses than parking.

Opportunities we seek:

The main characteristics we look for in cities are business friendly environments that have robust and diversified economies with underlying growth of population and commerce. Our current focus in Texas includes seeking investments in the Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio areas. Other markets on our list include Charlotte, Denver, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and the Washington DC area.

If you are a multi-family broker, please contact us for our very specific multi-family purchase criteria. We devote our own capital to our properties. For this and other reasons, when pursuing acquisitions we can move rapidly.

We have offices in Houston, Chicago and Washington DC.  We will announce new real estate projects and investments from time to time. We invite you to come back and visit our web-site for updates.